Sunday, December 14, 2008

Went for a run this morning (updated)

So, I went for a run this morning with Kim and 17..... thousand.... of my closest friends! :)
Seriously, I am in much better spirits today and SO SO SO glad that it is over. I could have run faster. But, I enjoyed the run. I enjoyed having so many people around me running. I enjoyed seeing all the different people out there -- all ages, races, physical abilities. I enjoyed the cheering (although there were definiely places that were quiet and spectators were sparse!). I enjoyed the time to chat uninterrupted with Kim. Kim, thank you for coming into town early, running with me, encouraging me the entire 13 miles, never making me feel like I was failing, (even when our pace was painfully slow), and especially for not kicking me in the shins like you threatened! :)
My good friend Irini joined us at mile 10 and without her chatter, energy and encouragement, I honestly think that I would have either just quit or totally stopped and walked. Thank you, thank you, thank youk, Irini!!!
Eric, Mason and Miles were able to see us 3 different times (one benefit of running slow!) before the finish line and once, Mason even ran along with Kim and I for about a minute. The people around us thought he was SO cute (which, of course, he is!!!) and it was sweet for him to cheer momma on. I needed it right then. It was such a pick-me-up to see their smiling faces.
The first several miles were mentally challenging. I was really feeling that there was no way I would be able to finish the entire 13.1 miles (Kim kept reminding me about that extra 0.1 mile!!!). We first saw the boys at mile 1.8 and I saw them first. The funny part was that I could not recall their names. All I could say was "baby mine Mason". I will probably never live that one down and it certainly caused some laughter around us. I was mentally fighting a battle at that point though. However, by the last several miles, it was more a battle of my body. I was tired. Until today, the farthest I have run was 10 miles, and that was last Sunday. However, just past mile 12, I came up with the word "vindicated". Again, I will not live that one down with Kim and Irini. Caused some good laughs again!
Ok, I am going to spend some quality time (on my rear on the couch) with Miley-Moo. Daddy and Mason went to a birthday party for one of Mason's school friends. Miles and I are going to hang out and enjoy the quiet of this Sunday afternoon.
Have a great week and I will post some pics once I get them downloaded (that would require walking right now and, well, that hurts!) and from my mom.

I just heard on the local news that a 29-year old woman from Austin died during the marathon today. They don't yet know why she died though. Please keep her family in your prayers. What terrible news to end this day on.