Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tomorrow is my half-marathon. I have not written about running in a while. Did you think that I stopped? Maybe I just decided not to train for it any more. Well, I am still running. And running. And running. I honestly didn't know if I would make it to this point. But here I am.
I would love to say that I am excited and ready and can't wait to get out there. Well, I am. But, I am more ready for it to just be over with. (Just keeping it real!!) I am more looking forward to about noon tomorrow, or maybe 1PM when I can lay down and take a nap, satisfied that this goal is complete.
I am proud of myself that I stuck with it and that I am about to accomplish my goal. Several people have asked me if I plan to run another half or a full-marathon. Let me just say now very clearly..... NO. I have no desire. I think that I just did this one to prove to myself that I can. I will be quite happy to cheer on Eric from the sidelines and maybe one day cheer Mason and Miles as well. But, that's it for me. Resident cheerleader, coach, spectator.
I am looking forward to exercising because I want to, not because my schedule tells me I have to. I am looking forward to doing something other than running -- biking, elliptical maybe. Or, I could just walk. Novel idea, I know.
This week is quite a busy one for our family. I hope to have lots of fun posts, good news for everyone (no, I am not pregnant -- don't even go there), and cute pics. If my camera doesn't totally die on me - it is getting close.
Say a prayer for me in the morning. The weather should be nice, even a little warm in the 60s during the race. Today was really windy, so I am just hoping it won't be tomorrow. Kim, Eric's sister, came into town early to run with me, so it will be nice to have someone to chat with and keep up with tomorrow. Maybe we can finish a little faster than I have been running the last few weeks!

On the home front, Mason is well - just a little cough left. He always bounces back so quickly! Miles is over the pnemonia (finished his meds today in fact). However, the meds caused him to have AWFUL diarrhea starting Wednesday night. That wasn't the worst part. It was the diaper rash from all the diarrhea that has been the worst. There have been lots of tears (his and mine) and while I would like to say that we have a handle on it, we really don't yet. Hopefully now that the medicine is finished, he will start getting better. Poor little guy just can't get a break!

More soon!!