Thursday, December 3, 2009


I haven't written about just Mason in a while...
He is 4 years, 10 months old.
He is still a picky eater and is happy eating the same few things daily.  He loves apple jacks, pop tarts, PBJs, nuggets, hot dogs (bun the bun and dog are only eaten separately), steak, fries and chetchup (ketchup), grapes, apples, cheese crackers and cheese chips (cheez its and doritos,  not cheetos), turkey-crackers (lunchables), corn and peas.  He hates pizza, not big on cheese, most veggies, corn dogs and mac and cheese. (Still not sure how he came out of me and doesn't like cheese!!!) Occasionally he will eat spaghetti & meatballs, but no other type of pasta.  Odd, I know.
He loves trains (still), cars, tractors of all kinds, tools, wearing my work gloves, riding bikes with daddy (he rides on a trail-a-bike), watching cartoons (especially tom and jerry, handy manny and dinosaur train).  He is an awesome big brother and I often have to remind him to be gentle with Max and only kiss his head!

this morning, while we were riding in the car:
M: My head hurts.
Me: I'm sorry.  Why does your head hurt?
M: It's full of air.

Tomorrow, we are going here.  We're riding the Polar*Express train.  We'll be wearing our pjs, drinking hot chocolate and meeting Santa.  I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)  We have not told the boys yet so I have been sneaking around all afternoon packing our things for an overnight away.  Should be great fun and an awesome chance to get the perfect Christmas card pic.  So glad we paid the extra $4 per person for the "climate controlled" car.  Tomorrow's low temp? 27.  BRRRRR!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday!


Kelley, Tara and Madeline said...

ummmmm, think we'll see you at some point. Our ride is after yours!! PJ's really? Guess I didn't read that part - Eric and you too? Guess I better get with it tomorrow after school. What time are ya'll leaving?