Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The good and the bad

The good:  The rain stopped and the sun is shining!
The bad:  The boys are outside playing in inches of mud!

The good:  At least they are occupied and out of my hair!
The bad: Did I mention the mud?  It attracts my boys!

The good:  The tree is up and the lights all work!
The bad:  The ornaments and other decorations?  Still in the boxes.

The good:  Max is eating and sleeping well.
The good:  We have about 5 different kinds of bottles in the pantry. 
The bad: Max STILL will not take a bottle.

The good:  Christmas shopping is over halfway done.
The bad:  17 days left.  Christmas cards are not out yet.  Or Max's birth announcements for that matter.  Look for them in the same envelope friends!

The good:  The laundry is all washed, dried and folded.
The bad: Notice that I said nothing about being put away.
On a side note, my 88-year old grandmother, who had three children herself and no high-capacity front-load washer, swears (she doesn't talk that way) says that she has never seen a family with  more laundry than us.  I blame this on the three boys in our house that go through multiple changes of clothes most days.  Why? you may ask..... refer to the first two good/bad scenarios up there. Yeah, those two about the rain and mud.  Good times.  My mom keeps telling me that I will miss these days.  I seriously doubt that I will ever miss the constant mounds of laundry!

The good:  Thankfully, they were not real scissors!
The bad:  I walked in to find Miles with a pair of scissors to his hair.