Friday, May 15, 2009

Potty time

I have been letting Miles run around the house (and yes, the backyard, I admit it) without diapers and pants on for a few weeks. I have not been consistent, but he has not been either. He would get to the potty a few times and not get there, well, more than a few times.
Yesterday, things clicked. He tee-teed in the potty about 7-8 times successfully. Mason even took him once without me. Miles loves to use his little potty and Mason loves getting the rewards (m&ms, of course) of helping little brother become a "big boy". I just love that I might only have one in diapers this time. Still working on the pooping in the potty. He hasn't gone in a few days, so I am sure when I put a diaper on his in a few minutes to go to little gym, he will go. Of course! Oh well, we have 4 months to keep practicing.

Speaking of 4 months, BabyBoo should be joining our family in about 4 more months. We are so excited. I am 21 weeks along tomorrow. I am finalizing the nursery bedding fabrics this weekend and we are working on getting Miles moved into a big boy bed in Mason's room. He napped in the full size (bottom) bunk yesterday. It took about 50 minutes for him to go to sleep, but then he napped about 2 hours. Today, Mason is at school, so we will work on it again today and hope for a shorter time in getting him to sleep.

I kept a friend's 7 month old little boy yesterday in addition to M&M. I was excited to do it so that I could get a preview of things to come. It was interesting. I would call it quite successful. All 3 boys were napping at one point and I was able to get in about a 40 minute nap. That is why it was successful in my mind! :) Meal time was the hardest. I will get used to having another mouth to feed I am sure, but my meals will probably be separate from the boys for a while. Should help me lose the baby weight faster! :) Speaking of weight, I am only up 1 lb in the last 3 weeks. So happy about that!!! I really don't want to have to lose a lot of extra weight after just getting it all off (plus some) with Miles. I am the weight right now (at 21 weeks) that I was when I got pregnant with Mason. Yeah.

Ok, enough randomness. Have to run to get Miles ready for Little Gym. It is his last one for the Spring. I don't know yet it we will continue for the summer. It is so expensive, but he LOVES it so much. I am torn.