Monday, May 18, 2009

More potty talk

So, yesterday afternoon, Miles told me he needed to potty. I quickly figured out he needed to poop. He even asked for a diaper so that he could go poop in it. Long story short, after about 30 minutes and much coaxing, he did his first poop in the potty. YEA!!!!!!

Mason and I cheered for probably 5 minutes. Miles would sit on the potty, I would ask him where his poo-poo was and he would stand up and say "there it is". We would cheer and it would all start over again. For about 5 minutes. If I didn't ask him where his poop was, he say "mama, where poopoo" and wait for me to ask him. SO cute!

One of my favorite things is listening to the boys have a conversation. They talk all the time - in the car, at the table, while playing together. Mason is very patient with Miles and actually understands what Miles is saying more often than I do! I can hardly wait to have another boy to add to the mix.

We picked out the new nursery bedding fabric and got almost all of it bought this weekend. Nana is making the bedding for us because I am way too picky and could not find anything at the stores that I just loved. As things get finished, I'll post pics. Now, I just have to get Eric and I motivated to get some painting done.

Ok, I am on duty this morning alone. E is out of town for a few days. So, I need to start getting the boys dressed. We have to leave for school very soon.....! Have a great Monday.