Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 8th

October 8, 1999.....
9 years ago today.....
Eric and I met.
We had our first date. Yes, a blind date.
We had dinner at Mi Cocina.
We went to SMU (where he was in law school) and walked around campus.
We went back to his apartment (at the edge of campus) for a potty break. (I immediately noticed it was incredibly clean. Especially for a boy.)
He drove me back to my apartment and we talked a while longer.
He kissed me on the forehead.

Things were so simple then. Who would have thought that we would be married and have 2 beautiful boys.
It does not feel like it has been 9 years.
So much has changed.
Then: I was an engineer. I was working at Nortel Networks. I had just started my MBA. I had my own apartment and drove a new convertible Mustang GT.
Now: I am a mom. I still feel like an engineer some days. (I had to wash the cover on Miles' car seat and let me tell you -- it took me almost a half-hour to get it all put back together. That is insane!) I have my BSEE and MBA degrees. I am a room mom, a soccer mom. I drive a Honda Pilot with two car seats (and probably many cheerios and toys) in the back.
So much has changed.
I am so blessed.
I never would have guessed how blessed my life would be in just 9 short years.
And, I look so young in pictures 9 years ago. When did I start looking old??? How did that happen???? :)