Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet BabyBoo

The boys have nicknamed our precious surprise Sweet BabyBoo (I added the Sweet, they just say BabyBoo). We needed a nickname that Miles could say and those are too of his favorite words lately. :)
We had a first trimester sono on Monday to check for the risk of downs, etc. Everything came back great with that. Heartrate looked great at 163 and baby measured slightly big (12weeks 6days and I was 12w2d on Monday) - I know shock - I apparently grow them big!!!
We asked about gender and the position of the cord made it unable to tell for sure, but she was about 90% certain that BabyBoo is another boy.
We will be scheduling a c-section and it should be 1 - 1 1/2 weeks before the due date of 9.26. The boys went with Eric and I Monday to the sono and were so cute. Miles kept patting the screen and saying "baby baby". Then, he would look at me and my tummy and say "baby". I think he is trying to figure it all out still. Mason wanted one of the pictures she printed out for us - one had the baby's hand up in the air and that is the one he wanted. He asked to put it in his room. I thought that was very sweet!

We bought the boys bunk beds. They are so excited. Mason will be on the top bunk, but so far has been going from top to bottom each day. Once Miles turns 2 in May and school is out, we'll work on moving them in together and getting the nursery ready. I think we will redo it this time around. I am tired of the room after almost 5 years.

We are working on potty training the little mr. It was going great until he came down with a bad cold and pnemonia last week. Ugh! He is better now and we'll pick up again this weekend.