Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have a new appreciation

Day 2 of not feeling well.... I thought yesterday's "morning sickness" (all-day sickness) was because I took my prenatal vitamins in the morning. Haven't taken them today.
The boys and I are just hanging out at home all day today. I'm doing laundry. Boys are still in PJs. We just built some awesome train tracks and they are (so far) playing very nicely together with trains.
So, my new appreciation is for moms of more than 2 kids. I am not sure how they were able to grow another human being and take care of the kids they already have. Seriously. I know a ton of families with 4+ kids and I just am in awe of the moms lately. Maybe things will look better after a nap. Almost everything looks better after a nap.
Did I mention it is only 10:22am. Long time until nap time..... darn.


Sister-in-Law - Tara said...

A family "distant" family member of ours just had quints...can you imagine how their life has changed....going from an ONLY child family to now 5 newborns...