Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping it real

I had a couple of comments e-mailed to me about my blog/thoughts on 12/29.
Here is what I sent back to one commenter. Just wanted to share with everyone.

I love reading other's blogs, but get so tired of hearing how great life is. I really want to keep things real so that maybe when others are feeling the same way, they will not feel alone. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of greatness every single day. But, as you know, there are also moments of really tough decisions and bad behavior (mine and the boys) every day. I am striving to live in the moment and not get bogged down in the bigger picture.

I spent several hours this afternoon working on travel plans to Boston in April. Not the best time to go, you might be thinking??? Oh, but it is when your plans include your hubby running his first (of many, I am quite sure) Boston Marathon!!! You have to qualify to run this race by running another race really, really fast. (3:10:00 for males under 35, I believe). It is run on Patriot's day every year (yes, a Monday, which also makes it unique as most are run on Sundays). And, the Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon. In 2008 nearly 22,000 runners completed the race. This year, only 25k people will be allowed to enter the race. This year, Olympians Ryan Hall (American half-marathon record holder) and Cara Goucher will also be running Boston. Can't wait to see them run past us!