Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finished - Bible in 90 days

Moments ago, I finished. 
I finished reading the entire Bible through in 90 days. 


I NEVER thought on January 1 that I would actually finish  I know that I should probably have believed in myself more or been more committed from day 1.  But I really wanted to try to do this.  I am still in awe that I did.  Don't get me wrong, I am not in awe of myself.  I am in awe that God gave me strength and that the perseverance to do it. That is really the only reason I think that I finished.

There is so much that I want to say, but honestly I am just in awe.  Words seem pointless.
One thing I do want to say is that no honor or credit goes to me.  It all goes to our Father, where all praise and honor belong.

I think that the most special thing about finishing today is that we get to celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection in just 2 more days.  How awesome to have the full picture of Jesus' story going into this weekend.

Will probably be quiet on the blog until Monday in honor of  the one that gave everything, including his very life, for me.  I am so humbled and unworthy of such love.

Project life - week 12

Yes, this post is a day late. Again.
At least I am doing it, right??? :)

This week is a week of firsts...
03/21 - Our first plant of the season.  We added corn and yellow tomatoes to the carrots and red tomatoes we had last year.

03/22 - Love this sweet peanut.  Look at that sweet smile for his mommy! (Click the pic to make it larger.)  Max is such a happy baby.  He fits right into our loud, busy, crazy family.  It is really hard to remember life without him!

03/23 - First time to sit in a highchair.  We went to the Purple Cow.  Max did great and is getting to be such a great little sitter.

03/24- First fever and first ear infection.  102 degree fever overnight led to a trip to Dr. Neely.  And, first antibiotic.  Poor guy feels lousy!

03/25 - Happy baby is back!  Meds sure do help out quickly!  Look at those sweet (fat) baby thighs!

03/26 -Annual Grandparent's Day at Mason's school.  This was his second year to have this, but his first year to get up and SING!  Yea Mason!  I am so proud of you.  We got to sit on the front row and enjoy all the grades and then went to Mason's class to hear a few more songs and see the kids demonstrate their singing, counting, recite a couple bible verses and play bingo! (Mimi, Nana, Grandpa and Mason in Mrs. Dillard's K4 class at Grace Academy)

03/27 -Construction has started on a new house down the street from us.  Miles, Mason and our neighbor's son (Chr1s) are obsessed with watching the tractors work!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Shot 1

Sweet Shot Day

Monday, March 29, 2010

Next to last check-in post - Bible in 90 days

Today is the last official weekly check-in post for my Bible in 90 Days group!
Today is day 88.  The plan has the reading complete today, but there are 2 grace days, so Wednesday will be the 90th day.

Can I be real honest?  I really never thought when I posted this that I would actually finish in 90 days.
But here I am at day 88.  I should be finished today, but am thankful for the 2 grace days!
As of right now (4pm on Monday), I am at Hebrews 5.  8 Books left.  Most are quite short.  I can totally do this!  I am thinking about what I want to do next.  As I read there was some that I just truly did not understand.  Will keep thinking a bit and let you know on Wednesday when I get to announce that I am finished!!!

In other news, Max (finally) had his 6 month check-up today.  (Yes, he turned 6 months almost 2 weeks ago.  During spring break.  Yes, I refused to take 3 boys to the doctor during spring break.)  Here are his stats at 6 1/2 months old!

Weight: 17lb 9.5 oz (50%)
Height: 26 1/4" (40%)
Head: 44 (52%)

Just for kicks, at 6 months,
Mason was: weight: 18lb 3 oz (60%)  height: 27" (70%)  head: 44.5 (75%)
Miles was:  weight: 16lb 15 oz (45%)  height: 28 1/4" (93%)   head: 44.7 (75%)

So, Max is right in the middle on weight, short (especially compared to Miles) and a little head.... relatively speaking, of course! :)
The other thing I learned today is that the ear that was infected last Wednesday is clearing up but still has fluid.  The other ear is infected now though.  I am not sure how that happens when he is on antibiotics, but apparently it does.  And, he got 3 shots today plus an oral vaccine.  Poor guy is letting me know how much he disliked the morning.  He has not napped at all today and is in his bed screaming his head off now.  So, Mommy is going to go try and comfort sweet peanut.  And get more Bible reading in.

More later.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mason's prayer

A portion of Mason's bedtime prayer last night.....just to make you smile.

God, thank you for our food.  Bless our home and bless our country. (Thought we were confused about eating time.  And not sure where the "bless our country" came from.  Although it does need it!)
Please help Miles not to get into trouble.  And me too. (Was afraid he was about to rat on Miles in his prayer.)
Get rid of all my sins. (Had to stop myself from reminding him to say please.)
Get rid of all of them sins.  (Apparently there are enough to have to ask twice!)
I love you.  (Melt momma's heart!!!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And so it begins

Took Max to the pediatrician this morning.  Left ear is fine.  Right ear is infected.
Started on antibiotics a few minutes ago.
The babe has not slept all day for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.  All day.
When he is up he just cries.  Not much makes him happy.
Momma is one tired gal this afternoon.

And THAT is one sad boy!

Max is sick

Poor sweet Max had a rough night last night.  I knew that he seemed off yesterday, but had no idea what the night held for us.  Around 5 yesterday afternoon, his nose started draining.  I was wiping it about once a minute.  He was fussy too.  Went to bed fine around 7.  Woke up at 11pm and I fed him in our bed.  I thought he felt warm but was too tired to really think about it.  Woke back up at midnight and he was hot.  Took his temp and it was 102.  Poor guy!  Tylenol and up for quite a while (he would sleep about 10 minutes then wake up crying).  Finally to bed around 1:30.  Back up at 2:30 - Daddy got him back to sleep.  Up at 4:30.  Fed him again and slept in our bed until 7.  Woke up at 7 and he was hot again.  Didn't bother with taking it just gave him more tylenol.  Took temp at 8:15 and was still at 100.
Going to see pediatrician at 11:10. Praying it is not his ears.  Don't know that I am ready to deal with all that again! Will update later.

Project life - week 11

A day late again, I know.  Tough week.

03/14 - Max got to enjoy his first swing! He was so relaxed and just smiled and cooed the entire time. (Not sure which pic to use ... thoughts?)

03/15 - My 3 big boys enjoying the beautiful spring weather at the park!

03/16 -  All 3 of my boys on three different swings - each matching their personality.  Miles likes to spin in circles, Max is just enjoying the motion and watching his big brothers.  Mason on the big swing and wanting to go as high as he can!  (PS Happy 6 month birthday sweet Max!)

03/17 - Across the street from our favorite park is a fire station.  We went to peek in the windows at the trucks and an ambulance returned.  They invited us in to see the trucks.

03/18 - To help Mommy get through Spring Break week, we got a new Go, Diego, Go toy.  The boys were mesmerized for hours!

03/19 -Max loves to hang out in his bed and watch his mobile.  He is getting so big already!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

I hate that a week goes by before I realize I have updated the blog! 
We were busy busy busy last week with spring break and the beautiful spring weather! 
Hard life, I know, but someone has to do it!! :)
We visited at least one playgroup each day (2 some days!) and generally worked to keep the boys worn out entertained.

Today is all about my Bible reading.  I am almost up to date.  I got caught up early last week and then got really behind.  As in I didn't read for about 3 days.  I am telling you we were busy busy busy around here.  And not at home.
So, I am currently at Acts 21, which is in the middle of day 79's reading.  I am supposed to be on day 80 (remember that grace day I am using).  So, I have 1 1/2 day's reading to do still today.  Should be do-able. I am so excited to be this far.  I honestly never thought that I would make it!  I will finish on the 30th, which is next Tuesday!  I also love that I will finish before Easter! 

And, because I cannot end a post without a cute pic ... or 2 or more :)

How can you not SMILE at all that cuteness!!!???!!!

First time on a swing.  He LOVED it!

This one just makes me smile.  All 3 boys on the swings.  (See Mason way up high on the right??) 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project life - week 10

03/07 - Mason, Miles, Jude and Dylan absorbed in a movie.  Good time for the grown-ups to talk.

03/08 - Max sure does love his Nana! :)

03/09 -Max sitting tall and proud in his b0ppy pillow.  Next step.... sitting on his own!

03/10 - Sending the boys outside to get a few quiet minutes for mommy = lots of laundry later!

03/11 -More rain. Will it EVER end???  We all put on our rain boots and went outside anyway.


03/12 - Mason's class had a field trip to the Dallas W0rld Aquarium.  Mason's favorite things were the jellyfish, sharks and the jaguar!
03/13 - Love the onesie with the tie (notice the frog on the bottom - so cute!), love the chunky thighs, love the sweet baby!

6 months

I will come back and post more later on this, but wanted to quickly say that Max is 6 months old today.
Sweet boy is feeling bad today and so is mommy (we both have a cold and I have no voice at all.  Makes a day with 3 boys very long and pretty frustrating for all of us!).

OK,Max is in bed and Mason and Miles are in PJs and watching a movie.
I had fun taking some pics this afternoon of Max.  Hope you enjoy.

Dear Peanut,
12 months ago today......

We found out with 90% certainty that our 2 boy house would become a 3 boy house.  Daddy, Mommy and both brothers were all there to find out the news together.

6 months ago today....

You gave me the greatest gift for the third time and made me a mommy again.  So much of that day was a blur, but I remember your first cry so crystal clear.  I tried so hard to be in-the-moment during the entire day.  I think I did that and am trying to savor every day and every moment of your life.

3 months ago today......
Daddy and I celebrated our anniversary and you had your first cookie-decorating party.  It was an emotional day in many ways.  We lost Mema the day before and I was so happy to have you as a happy distraction!

And today.......

You LOVE to be on your tummy.
You LOVE to watch your brothers.
You have the sweetest smile, the longest eyelashes and biggest brown eyes ever!
You have no teeth still, but are getting close!
You were 3-6month clothes.
You still won't take a bottle, but have started taking some juice out of a cup.
You love to eat - apples, peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes.  You hate peas and green beans!
You don't love your carseat, but you tolerate it if your brothers will talk to you.
We are working out a new schedule for you - you have to go to bed earlier to make up for your inconsistent naps.
You are starting to be ok with bathtime and you seem to like showers better than baths.... just like your brothers!
You are so loved!

And, just to freak me out, look what Max has started doing......
Look out!  Things are about to get WAY more interesting (read: chaotic) around here.  And yes, he pulls his knees up under himself all the time now and no, I didn't pose him that way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quiet morning

It is really quiet around here.  Mason is at school.  Miles is watching a movie.  Max is napping.

Love it!

It has been a long week. I am realizing that as Max gets older, life is getting more difficult.  He is awake more.  He is not content to just sit (in his highchair, swing, bouncy, etc) and watch the craziness that is our house.  He wants to interact, to be a part, to have a toy, to eat (oh, the eating schedule....!!! don't get me started!), to be stimulated.  He is close to sitting up and when that happens, it will help me out.  Right now, he has to lay to play.  He doesn't like to lay and play for very long.  The sling is quickly becoming my friend.

He is napping about 2x per day.  Unfortunately, no two days look alike in our house, so he has to be flexible with nap times, length, location.  Nights have been rough.

Separation anxiety.  Neither Mason or Miles really had this. Sure, they would cry occasionally when I drop them off at church or MDO.  But, after about 15 seconds they would move on and have fun.  Now I get paged almost every single time I drop Max off at church.  He is also up quite a bit at night again.

300 posts!

(Edited to add pics at the bottom.... you WON'T want to miss these!)
This is my 300th post to the blog!  I am impressed and shocked all at the same time!
Here is our day, in bullets....

  • Max slept 12 hours last night.  For the 4th night in a row.  Hooray for the new schedule that got us to this point!!!!!
  • Mason had school today.  And class pictures.  So glad I sent an extra clean white shirt.  Why do 3/4/5 year old boys have to wear white shirts to school??
  • Ran an errand this morning.
  • Got caught out in a rain/hail storm.  Hope my car is ok.
  • Came home instead of going to the grocery store, got the 2 boys out of the car only to realize the rain had stopped.
  • Put 2 boys back in the car.
  • Drive to grocery store.
  •  Baby in BabyBj0rn, Miles in car shopping cart (still can't steer that thing!)
  • Get groceries without too much trouble.
  • Getting said groceries in my car with 3 car seats is always a lot of trouble!
  • Miles helped me bring the groceries in the house.  Without even being asked.  Such a sweet boy!
  • While making many trips in and out of garage for groceries, (mom stop reading for a minute) slipped and fell.
  • Left hip and back not feeling very good.
  • Max is apparently teething.  I say apparently because he is drooling, snot is everywhere (including all over my shirt and his clothes), not napping today, crying all day and screaming like crazy when I put him down.
  • Did I mention the fall/hip and back hurting?  Not good on the day the babe picks to scream like crazy when being put down.
  • Picked up Mason from school.  
  • Visit to s0nic on the way home for drinks.
  • Big boys are outside playing.
  • In the mud.
  • (mud=more laundry)
  • Max is finally sleeping (thank you ty1enol and oraje1!).
  • Mommy is enjoying a few minutes of quiet.
  • More laundry is totally worth a few minutes of quiet!
Enjoy the 300th post.  Just keeping it real about a real day in the life of a real mom of 3 little boys. Glamorous, right????

OK, so after posting, I went out to check on those quiet boys.  Should have remained blissfully ignorant and enjoyed my quiet a few more minutes.  Here is what I found.....

Please note that Mason's pants are wet/muddy up to the crotch.  And notice that I was smart enough to change him out of his white school shirt this time (I didn't Monday.  It will never be the same.)
Yes, that is mud in both of their hair.  Yes, they are also muddy all up their backs.  Yes, our community group meets at church tonight.  Yes, I sent them back out to play in the mud some more.  Why not at this point.  Yes, I really need to go get them showered and fed.  Yes, Max picked one minute ago to wake up and scream some more.
Love spring and the rain!

Project life - wk 9

Ok, so this is a day late.  Sorry!  Life with 3 is getting crazier by the day!
On to the pics or I will never finish it!  More words later :)
02/28 - Happy Birthday to Mommy (a day early).  Mason told Mommy's best friend Keely that Mommy needed a chocolate cake.  So, she made it happen for me!  Thanks Keely! (Note that Mommy told Mason to tell Daddy, but he knew who to go to to make it happen!)

03/01 -Max really liked Mommy's cake.  Daddy gave him a little of the chocolate shavings and Mommy gave him some yummy chocolate icing.  YUM!

03/02 - My car (Honda P1lot) has had the ABS, VSA, emergency brake and check engine lights intermittently coming on.  It took 4 trips to H0nda, 1 dead battery and 1 more replaced battery (in case?) to figure out the braking system computer was the problem.

03/03 - Mason had Preschool chapel at school.  They sang several patriotic songs (thus the red, white and blue clothes) and several memory verses.  Sweet boy was so cute up there and kept waving to us!

03/04 - Mommy and Miles.  A beautiful day outside and a picture taken by Miles with his cheesy "cheese" face.  Not sure how to get him to stop making the "cheese" face and just smile at me!

03/05 - A mess.  By Miles.  Daily.  Boy loves to take the books off the shelves.  Especially annoying when Mommy has to put them away in case we have a showing!

03/06 - Max's first ride in the big-daddy Ir0n-man B0b double stroller.  Looks like he and Miles had a great time and Mommy had a good workout!